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Kamasutra was initially offered to Kareena Kapoor

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

“Kamasutra 3D” which is creating waves in social media for its bold content was initially offered to Kareena Kapoor Khan, director Rupesh Kaul revealed.

In an interview, director revealed that Kareena was the perfect choice for the lead female character, therefore he approached her before signing Sherlyn Chopra for the role.

Director further claimed that Bebo's manager was interested in concept and script of the movie but was apprehensive about the excessive nudity and bold scenes. So, the director finalized playboy model for the movie.

Rupesh also revealed that he was ready to remove Sherlyn from the movie after she leaked a movie clip on youtube without his permission. He wanted to replace her with Hollywood bombshell Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis. But afterwards the matter was sorted out.

Kamasutra 3D has been considered a soft adult movie. However, the movie caught attention at 66th Cannes film festival after getting three nominations for best motion picture, Best original score and original song at this year 86th Academy awards.

Kamasutra is set to be released in May. Its theme is based on love and revenge amidst the war
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