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SL continues ICT progress ( Ranked 69 out of 114 countries:)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Global Information Technology Report has placed Sri Lanka at the 69th position two positions up than last year.“Sri Lanka’s NRI ranking 69th out of 144 proves its great ICT strides,” said ICTA Agency of Sri Lanka, CEO Reshan Dewapura. He said that the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) 2013 reflects the great and multiple strides reached in the country’s ICT sector.

“The Global Information Technology Report (GITR) published for the 12th consecutive year corroborates that Sri Lanka continues to make huge progress in the ICT sector,” Dewapura said.

Sri Lanka has improved its ICT standing including the overall position by two places in the Global Networked Readiness Index (NRI) published in the ‘Global Information Technology Report (GITR)’ 2013. Last year this overall position stood at 71. This year it stands at 69.

The NRI assesses the comparative impact of ICT in the countries concerned (144 economies in 2013) under four sub-indices and 10 pillars coming under these sub-indices and several indicators under the pillars.

The sub-indices are environment, readiness, usage, and impact. The pillars are: political and regulatory environment, business and innovation environment, infrastructure and digital content, affordability, skills, individual usage, business usage, Government usage, economic impacts and social impacts.

The World Economic Forumÿ(WEF) is based in Cologny, Geneva.

INSEAD is a world-renowned graduate business school headquartered in New York with campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

The NRI was originally developed by the Information Technology Group which worked at the Harvard University Centre for International Development until 2002

As indicated above this time 144 countries were surveyed in preparing the NRI 2013 and Sri Lanka fetched the 69th place improving from the 71st place it occupied last year. Sri Lanka’s NRI (2013) also makes it the second highest ranked among South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, trailing India by just one rank. However the absolute value or score for both Sri Lanka and India is the same. Sri Lanka and India are the only two SAARC countries ranked higher than the 100th mark. Out of other SAARC countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal stand respectively at 105, 114 and 126. South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines rank behind Sri Lanka as per the Networked Readiness Index 2013.

Sri Lanka has scored very high in the affordability measure (4th pillar) with mobile cellular tariffs ranking at 5th place based on purchasing power parity and second for fixed broadband.

At the core of the report, the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) measures the preparedness of an economy to use ICT to boost competitiveness and well-being. In this edition, Finland (1st), Singapore (2nd) and Sweden (3rd) continue to lead the NRI, with the Netherlands (4th), Norway (5th), Switzerland (6th), the United Kingdom (7th), Denmark (8th), the United States (9th) and Taiwan, China (10th) completing the top 10.
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