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Rihanna Is OWNING Her Audrey Hepburn Moment (PHOTO)

Friday, April 5, 2013

We kind a feel like its a rite of passage for every girl to have their "Audrey Hepburn" moment. It's like, maybe you're rocking the fake pearl necklace and glasses and dressing up as Audrey for Halloween. Or, perhaps hosting a "dress like Audrey"-themed movie marathon at your apartment where "Breakfast At Tiffany's" is on repeat and you only eat dainty, rose-colored finger food? Or maybe, if you're Rihanna, you take a clearly topless selfie (we missed you, naked Rihanna, it's been a minute!!) in what we presume to be a five-star hotel while wearing the TOTALLY REAL version of Audrey's classic pearl necklace. We assume those giant pearls are real because honestly, on what planet is Rihanna rocking a fake anything?

Truth be told, we kinda already thought Rih had her "Audrey moment" when she posted this classic Old Hollywood selfie. Obviously, we were totally wrong, because Rihanna's current interpretation of Audrey is so dead-on that she could for SURE be the top Audrey impersonator on both the bat mitzvah and wedding circuit (that's if she wants a side gig). Oh, and one more thing: it's entirely possible that Rihanna's Audrey-themed selfie is dedicated to her maybe-on, maybe-off boyf, Chris Brown. Along with the above photo, Rihanna captioned: "I don't think about you at all #cccertified," which is half of a classic Coco Chanel quote.

Yeah, so we're thinking the "you" here is Chris Brown, and this photo is an undercover way of saying, "You don't want THIS? You're crazy." Or, it's entirely possible that the "you" in this case is Rih's credit card bill! Because Rih is so flush that she just swipes that Black American Express and doesn't think about it at all! You know what, that's definitely it. Because if we were Rihanna, we're not sure we'd wanna know what just ONE of those pearls cost.

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