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‘Using ACL technology catalyst for FDI’

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Government during its last Budget Speech announced a very ambitious Economic Road Map which was serious about attracting long term investors, who were supposed to bring capacity building, element of technology transfers and long term capital needs, said Methsiri Wijeygoonewardena, Chairman – Seatol Technologies (Pvt)Ltd, in his welcome speech made at ceremony held to announce the launching of the landmark partnership with ACL Services Ltd Canada.

He said, “to attract good FDI's you need to really work on economic good governance, good systems, the need for good regulatory framework and possibly rule of law etc. A serious long term investor, does look at good governance, efficient systems, transparent systems and a good regulatory frame work. ACL could make a positive contributions in this development process.”

He said Seatol has been in business from 2005 focusing mainly in IT solutions project development & promotions among some of the key business sectors. Seatol has developed specialise IT solutions products for petroleum retail distribution sector popularly known among retail fuel filling stations users, as SEAFISS beside, Seatol diversified its operations to develop a mobile based technological product named SEATO TRAK to oversee the efficient use of field promotional personnel.

After years of highly competitive IT products marketing, Seatol was honoured to be the Channel Partner in Sri Lanka with ACL Services Ltd Canada. He said they had a number of clients and users in Sri Lanka which include 15 banks, two insurance companies, seven listed companies and in the Government sector, the Central Bank and the Inland Revenue Department.

“Once you become a licensed user in interactive environment, one will learn how to integrate ACL commands and expressions to accomplish complex data analytic tasks. Our continuous auditing framework enable us to meet management and stake holders' increasing expectations of comprehensive assurance spanning, compliance, good governance, IT control effectiveness, process, operations and fraud preventions portfolio,” Wijeygoonewardena added.

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