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Lankan woman jumps off Dubai building, foul-play suspected

Friday, February 1, 2013

Christie FERNANDO, Chilaw special corr
Relatives of R R M Anupama, 29, suspect foul-playinto in to her death in Dubai.

Anupama, a resident of Madampe is reported to have died after jumping off a four-storied building in Alkusai city, Dubai, where she had been recruited as a cleaner at a company.

Her relatives appeal to the authorities to send her body for burial in Sri Lanka.

Nayana Sanjeewani said her sister Anupama had spoken to her and her husband from Dubai by phone on January 25 at noon (Sri Lankan time) which was the day before she had purportedly died and said that she had no problems whatsoever and was faring well over there.

However, on the day after, January 26, 2013, she was perplexed when she got a call from a woman working in Dubai and revealed that Anupama had jumped over the four-storied building where she was staying and had committed suicide.

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