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Lucky Homes commits Rs. 2 bn in '13

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shirajiv Sirimane
Lucky Homes Pvt limited will be investing over Rs. 2 billion this year on two unique housing and recreation projects.
Kalawila and Director, Christina. Picture by Saliya Rupasinghe
Chairman Lucky Homes, Capt. Sumith Kalawila said plans are afoot to build Sri Lanka's first Water Park and an unique hosing colony in Piliyandala.

He said that the company which opened two years ago already has a land bank to the tune of over Rs. 300 million and they are contemplating on build the Water Park bordering the Southern Expressway. “We have already consulted a European company to install equipment for the Water Park.”

He also mulled plans to introduce another first to Sri Lanka, a cable car to travel to this recreation facility. The company also hopes to have a mini hotel and many other entertainment facilities in this venue.

Lucky Homes is also Sri Lanka’s only single owner company to build and operate a star class property in the Philippines. “We have a 65 room hotel to which we invested Rs. 500 million.

We are looking to add more facilities to this Sheavens Sea Front Resort Hotel and would be investing a further Rs. 30 million this year,” he disclosed.
 Kalawila and Director, Christina. Picture by Saliya Rupasinghe

He also said that they would also build another Water Park in Philippines and the success in the Philippines has enticed him to invest in the Sri Lankan hotel sector. “We are looking to invest between Rs.500 million to Rs. 900 million on a hotel project in Sri Lanka. We prefer to ‘buy’ an existing property rather than building a new one.

However if we do not get a ‘unique’ property we will build a new hotel close to a river,” he said.The wide knowledge he gained as a Captain of the Navy, enabled Sumith Kalawila and Christina Kalawila, who also has a broad knowledge in business, to establish Lucky Homes Investments (Pvt.) Ltd.

“Our goal is to deliver a luxury house, which is built once in a lifetime and the necessary supervision and guidance, the assistance, the engineering contribution and even the documentation will be provided by us,” he added.

To go in line with their creativity, Lucky Homes has selected the creative duo in Sri Lanka's pop music Bathiya and Santhush as their Brand Ambassadors.

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