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eDoctor - a home made elixir

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Most global health web sites which are very popular amongst Lankans, are not tailor made to Sri Lankan lifestyles and health conditions.

Now Lankans don't have to visit foreign web sites, as there is local eDoctor team very familiar with all types of Lankan medical conditions through their vast knowledge and experience gained from daily routine work at our Govt. hospital wards and OPDs, for a long number of years, as family physicians.

"From the comfort of our homes or offices we could reach the eDoctor of course, is not a replacement for your family doctor or a consultant, but eDoctor's initial medical advice and guidance will help us to alleviate our fears and we will be in a proper frame of mind to face the doctor, as we are well armed with the medical information of our condition."

"We can even put forward our questionable doubts to the doctor or the consultant, with the information obtained. eDoctor will educate and lead us to the best and most appropriate solution, depending on our medical/surgical condition," an official from eDoctor said. Some of the services available at can be seen by visiting the FREE visitor's portal of

Most valuable service is for regular globe-trotters - people who spend most of their time visiting foreign countries or living here and abroad alternately.

For membership holders eDoctor will provide advice and multi-faceted services, according to member's choice.

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