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Theme park enters the 4th dimension

Monday, December 10, 2012

4D experience is increasing the number of visitors to one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Futuroscope in Poitiers is showing Arthur 4D film by celebrated director Luc Besson, who promises a theater experience realistic and immersive. A theme park experience that gets the audience screaming and smiling from ear to ear ... but this is not a roller coaster. These people are viewing in 4D Arthur park Futuroscope, near Poitiers France.

4D cinema plays a 3D animated film on a screen IMAX 9,700 square feet - but the extra dimension comes from motion effects and other sensory tricks and surprises. The film was created by French director Luc Besson based on the "Arthur and the Minimoys" movie trilogy. "Arthur, the 4D Adventure" immerses visitors in the world of fairy tale of Arthur. As the audience enters the theater IMAX "Arthur the 4D adventure" that are entering the world of the Minimoys "," film tiny invisible creatures living a secret life underground in harmony with nature. The two-story building, recreates four different rooms decorated with characters from the trilogy of "Arthur and the Minimoys".
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