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Non- Celebrate, married Star Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Monday, December 24, 2012

Never one to stick to convention, quirky actor Nicolas Cage, 48, met much-younger wife Alice Kim, 27, when she was his waitress at an L.A. restaurant. Cage had already done the celebrity marriage thing twice -- once to Patricia Arquette and again to Lisa Marie Presley -- and his third marriage to Kim in 2004 has so far stuck. The pair (pictured at an NYC screening on July 7, 2010) welcomed a son, named Kal-El, in 2005. Yet this coupling is not without quintessential Cage drama. Although Cage told People ”I’m content” shortly after getting hitched, earlier this year the National Treasure actor was arrested in New Orleans and charged with domestic abuse, as well as disturbing the peace after an argument with his wife. The charges were later dropped.

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