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Mostly Divorces case in Bollywood - Kamala Hassan and Saarika

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It seems that Bollywood actors have embraced the notion of Hollywood expiration date and ditch. In recent years saw some of the longer-term couples, they go to a divorce and be famous, had to wash their dirty linen in public. Here's a look at the five most shocking divorce cases in the Hindi film industry.

Kamala Hassan and Saarika: Kamala Hassan Saarika married after divorcing his first wife Vany Ganapathy. They had two children Shruti and Akshara. Shruti Hassan has recently joined the film industry and is also an accomplished singer while Akshara is studying in Bangalore. Saarika decided to part with their shapes when Kamala Hassan alleged affair with Silvia was making the headlines on page 3. Saarika filed for divorce in 2002 and the couple officially separated in 2004. Hassan Affair with Simran 22 years younger did not last and now lives with Tadimalla Gouthami, a former actress and her co-star in many films of South India. Saarika but had taken a sabbatical from acting after her marriage, she went back into Bollywood as the wife of Naseeruddin Shah
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