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Japanese airport reopens with WWII bomb still there

Thursday, November 8, 2012

JAPAN: A huge World War II bomb uncovered near a busy runway was underneath a shield of concrete and sandbags on Wednesday as flights resumed at an airport in northern Japan, a government official said.

A worker rebuilding drainage systems at Sendai Airport -- which was swamped by last year's tsunami -- on Monday uncovered the 500-pound (225-kilogramme) bomb, believed to have been dropped by US forces.

Bomb disposal experts ordered the construction of three-metre-high (10-foot-high) concrete walls, supported by soil up to the same height, to protect the bomb.

Crews piled some 300 sandbags, each weighing a tonne, on top of the mound to construct a casing that stands six metres high.

The 110 centimetres (43 inches) long bomb is now sitting at the bottom of the structure, waiting for military experts to defuse and remove it once legal and logistical details are worked out, the transport ministry official said.


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