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Anushka Sharma Aamir Khan's new heroine in Peekay

Friday, October 26, 2012

Since Anushka Sharma has signed to star in the upcoming film Rajkumar Hirani Peekay, there have been rumors that a certain sector of the industry has grown suddenly very jealous of her.

Those close to the actress say that Anushka Sharma competitors are unnecessarily spreading false news about her.

Initially, there was news that Anushka Sharma was paired opposite Aamir Khan in the film. A friend of the actress said: "Shortly after she is confirmed, there were rumors about how she was paired opposite TV actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the film, rather than Aamir".

Slamming the rumors, producer sources said: "Anushka is paired opposite Aamir. Sushant dates span over eight to 10 days for this project. Someone has been spreading unfounded rumors."
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