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Eleven Famous People who survived being shot- Andy Warhol

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Warhol, the pop-art icon perhaps most famous for his quote that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, was shot in 1968 by an associate of his named Valerie Solanas. Solanas was apparently pissed because Warhol failed to return to her a script she had given him. Warhol said that he lost the script and told her to GTFO. She did, only to come back with a gun and open fire. Warhol nearly died from the attack and would be affected physically for the rest of his life. But he did survive, while Solanas was sent to prison. For only three years. 

Yes, that’s right, Valerie Solanas and Plaxico Burress served almost the same amount of time, even though one, you know, almost killed a dude on purpose. Of course, it helped that she was declared nuts, which shouldn't have been that hard since she was already known as a militant feminist who advocated the extermination of the entire male gender and the creation of an all-female society. In view of that, it’s kind of surprising that she didn't cut Warhol’s dick off after the shooting and wear it around her neck as a trophy. I guess he was thankful for small miracles because he refused to testify against her. The whole affair was later immortalized in the film I Shot Andy Warhol, which ironically only received two minutes of fame.
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