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Religious Veena first show get 3 million Viewer

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Veena Malik first show religious "Astagfar" PRT has reached the highest ever. The show created a positive response worldwide. People of the world appreciates Veena Malik Avatar again in your program. About 3 million rupees viewer to see the first show of "Astagfar" and has received a tremendous response from viewers doki Waku on the small screen.

Veena Malik said: "It was very big for me that people around the world have appreciated me and they accepted my show. The show has touched the hearts of the people shown in a note PRT."

After so many outrages in the world the show goes on the air and won the highest TRP ever. Veena Show breaking all the records that is incredible. This show is more about connecting with the public. The extraordinary success of the series can now be called a success story after her big break on the small screen.
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