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Lady Gaga Wears A Fur Coat In August, DGAF About Summer (PHOTOS)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

While most of us are doing everything possible to keep cool in the heat of New York on intensely wet and humid summer (which I personally have built my own bed of ice), Lady Gaga thought it might be a fun thing for the rock your very warm and sweat-inducing fur coat pink. Because why not try to sweat a little more than they already do, right?

See more of fur coat pink Lady Gaga after the jump.

Mother Monster was taken yesterday, while ending their very lavish shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman, both New York City and Armani. And listen, I get all these high end stores are probably well air conditioned and not what, but what about the walk from the car door? Even 10 seconds would be an absolute torture on the skin. Nobody in the Gaga team realized that yesterday's high clock speed of about 82 degrees? Moreover, the Gaga team is also great with her forgetting to wear a shirt with the airport and pretending to be a flight attendant, so that the fur coat is actually quite cool by comparison. And also, she is Lady Gaga. So what she says, goes.
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