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Geetika was under pressure to return the Proprieties to Gopal Kanda

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Delhi, August 26: As Delhi Police tries to unravel the true reason behind suicide Geetika Sharma, has now revealed that former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda had allegedly purchased property on behalf of his employee Geetika Sharma, and Kanda wanted his property back, police sources said.

From Geetika did everything possible to break its ties with Gopal Kanda and MDLR group, Kanda was allegedly pressurizing association remain with him. The reason: retrieve the properties purchased in the name of Geetika.

Kanda policy used the carrot and the stick against Geetika, and even once tried to frame in a check bounce case, a police official told Hindustan Times.

"Kanda issued a check to pay R3.5 lakh Sundale Education Society even though the account had been closed. Geetika had been appointed as the president of the company, so she was surprised," said an investigating officer.

"The control of documents, seized MDLR Kanda office and residence in Gurgaon, have revealed some clues about these properties. We are analyzing further for details about the properties purchased in the name Geetika" said the officer.

Police also found a forged certificate of character Geetika, who claimed that there was some criminal cases pending against him in Gurgaon.

The same certificate was sent to Emirates in Dubai, where Geetika was working in 2010 on the basis of which he was fired from his job.

"We found that the seal on the certificate was the civil lines police station in Gurgaon, as it was issued by the chief of police of different police station," the official added.
Researchers are looking for four mobile phones of some employees, including MDLR Geetika, who had returned after leaving the company in December 2011.

Police said Kanda was using three mobile phones registered to Geetika employees to call and send SMS messages.

Geetika was allegedly under pressure to sign over property to Gopal Kanda in the days before his suicide, reports Times of India.

Police believe the former minister of Haryana had bought several properties in Gurgaon Geetika name with or without their knowledge, but when it turned cold towards him, began requiring its removal.

They are examining the documents seized from MDLR office to confirm this.
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