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Advance Level Exam started on 2012.08.06 in Srilanka

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Advanced Level Examination started at 2,093 yesterday centers across the country, tests Jagath Pushpakumara Commissioner said. He said the examination was carried out without problems, no complaints.

A total of 277.452 candidates for advanced level exam this year. Of this, 220,535 are school candidates taking the exam under the new curriculum, while private candidates also 15.239 to take the exam under the new curriculum.

Meanwhile, 41,323 private candidates feel their examination this year under the old curriculum including 355 candidates who sat for AL in 2011, Pushpakumara said.

The AL examination under the new curriculum will be held in 1,746 centers, while examination under the old syllabus will be held in 347 centers.

The review is being coordinated through 289 centers, the Commissioner of the tests, he said.

Over 277,000 sit ALs at 2,093 centres

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