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Two killed, 19 wounded in Toronto shooting by police

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two people died and several including a baby were injured in a shooting in Toronto, Canada, the largest metropolis on Monday night, police said.

"2 people killed in a shootout that erupted during the game," police said in a Twitter message. "The dead are a man and a woman," said a second message to the police chief Bill Blair.

He described the incident as "the worst incident of gun violence" in the history of the city. "A lot of innocent people were injured tonight."

Blair told reporters during a "big party" with more than 200 guests "an altercation broke out between individuals" that give rise to an exchange of gunfire. The shooting occurred in Danzig Avenue near Morningside Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East on the east side of town after a fight at a crowded barbecue.

Blair said a man 20 years old and a teenager were killed, and up to 19 injured in the melee.

Constable Wendy Drummond said that "not all victims are victims by firearm."

"We have a child, a baby, who is also a victim," he said.

The child was shot, said Blair, adding that "the baby will be fine."

Local news reported that a 20-year-old was shot in the back and at least eight other people between 18 and 25 were taken to hospitals in the Scarborough area with gunshot wounds.

In another message, the police asked, "Witnesses or people at the party or nearby, please let us know what you've seen / heard."

A "person of interest" in custody, said Blair, like a swarm of police officers searched the area for possibly two or more shooters.

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