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Telco keeps the buzz going with old & new campaigns

Monday, July 2, 2012

NEW DELHI: If the pug is not going weak in the knees, the Zoozoos or Bollywood-turned Hollywood actor Irrfan Khan will be. Vodafone, the largest global telecommunications company by subscribers, India has a closet full of options that keeps revisiting keep consumers interested in your products, services and offers.
It's not just brand ambassadors human, canine and egg-head the telecommunications company has to create a buzz. It also has campaigns concept as' Vodafone Delight, which was first introduced last October with commercials depicting a budding friendship between two schoolgirls who go out of their way to treat another.

In its latest advertising campaign, the India arm of UK-based telco has fallen into the 'Vodafone Delight, "to promote specials, including happy hours, gifts for consumers on their birthdays and at each visit to 8,000 telecommunications company stores nationwide.
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