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SLT to improve country’s Broadband experience

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) announced the successful implementation of the first phase of its ultra-high speed Broadband Network under its nation-wide network modernisation project i-Sri Lanka which has already driven an increase of 40,000 new broadband connections to the network.

Sri Lanka Telecom CEO Greg Young commenting on the i-Sri Lanka project said: “We are delivering against our strategy to evolve a world class broadband access network accessible to all Sri Lankans, to increase broadband penetration, which directly contributes to economic growth of the country.”

“We are transforming the traditional, copper based access network architecture to a high speed capable broadband network via NGN and FTTX, Young said.

The i-Sri Lanka project is due to be fully completed within a period of 18 months, at which time it will provide ultra-high speed broadband 20Mbps service to more than 90% of our customers by adding capacity for 600,000 new broadband customers to the network. Through the completion of the i-Sri Lanka project, SLT plans to increase the existing customer base of 300,000 customers to 600,000 over the next couple of years to ensure the one million SLT Megaline customers can enjoy broadband and PeoTV (triple play) services.

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