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Libya's election results start trickling in

Friday, July 13, 2012

LIBYA: Libya's electoral commission on Monday begun unveiling preliminary results for the nation's first free polls, with the liberal National Forces Alliance (NFA) ahead in two western constituencies.

But the NFA scored a blistering defeat in the city of Misrata, where party party candidates were vying for four seats in the 200-member national assembly, and came fourth with only 6,561 of the votes. It trailed behind the Union for the Homeland, a small party led by a local politician, which scooped 20,606 votes.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party came in second in Misrata with 17,165 of the votes and the National Front, an Islamist party, third with 11,537 votes. Following elections for a national assembly, the first free vote since the ouster of Moamer Kadhafi, the commission is releasing results constituency by constituency in a process that will take at least four days.

In Janzur, a suburb of the capital, which will have three seats in the assembly, the liberal NFA coalition scored a crushing victory with 26,798 votes against 2,423 for second place Justice and Construction Party. AFP
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