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Iran's intelligence service leaves U.S., EU confused - Minister

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Iran's intelligence let the secret services of countries like Israel, Germany, France, Britain and the confused U.S., Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said, Mehr reported.

Moslehi was speaking before Friday prayers in Tehran, Iran recently to discuss the capture of the terrorist groups responsible for eaths several of Iran's nuclear scientists.

Iran Intelligence Agency issued a statement saying that the murderers who were responsible for the deaths of several of Iran's nuclear scientists, including Majid Shahriari, Fars.

Shahriari was killed in a terrorist bombing 2.010, while the university professor Fereidoon Abbasi (now Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) miraculously survived the explosion.

Moslehi said that these established terrorist groups were brought together by the above countries, and orchestrated from the outside.
He said that world powers were wondering how Iran managed to catch these two groups at 6 months.

Moslehi, said Iranian intelligence ministry continues to protect the interests of the country, provide the necessary security and prevent enemies from harming Iran through Internet cyber-attacks.
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