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Thailand provides assistance for the development of Sri Lanka

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thailand provides assistance for the development of Sri Lanka Visite official of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Thailand has been very successful. During discussions with the Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Ms. Yingluck she said that Thailand will give its full support to develop agriculture, fisheries and education sectors of Sri Lanka. Le Thai Prime Minister, reminding the about the long-standing relationship and history between the two Buddhist countries said that both countries must work together on Buddhist and cultural activities.

 The introduction of Siyam Upasampada in Sri Lanka by 260 years Thailand will pay next year. Both leaders pointed to the holding of special commemorative programs in both countries in this regard, and it was agreed to appoint a special committee representing the ministries of foreign affairs and culture of both countries in this effet.Le President thanked the Government of Thailand for the support extended to Sri Lanka Human Rights UN council meetings recently. The president said Thai Prime Minister that the Government has put forward to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by terrorists and asked the Thai prime minister to call attention to investment in Sri Lanka. The President also thanked the Thai government to provide scholarships for Sri Lankan students in specific areas.

The president also said that in commercial transactions between the two countries special attention should be focused on important sectors for both countries. The two leaders stressed the importance of forming a joint committee to enhance trade and investment between the two countries. The President expressed his satisfaction on the progress made by Thailand in agriculture and fishing and asked the Prime Minister of Thailand to provide technical expertise in Sri Lanka on these secteurs.Le president assured that Sri Lanka will extend support to represent Thailand in the Human Rights Committee for the period 2015 to 2017. The two leaders also stressed the importance of working together in an exchange of views among international organizations in which both countries are representation. Le president said that his visit will further strengthen relations between the two countries and extended an invitation Thai Prime Minister to visit Sri Lanka. Accept this invitation Thai Prime Minister congratulated the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka and the hospitality of the people. She expressed her appreciation for the President to defeat terrorism and establish peace and stability in the nation.Après this discussion, two MOUs were signed. Sri Lanka External Affairs Ministry and the External Affairs Ministry Thailand has signed the first MoU on Political Dialogue and the second was to implement the bilateral agreement on mutual legal cooperation in the prevention of crime between the two countries.

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