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Oxford students against Jubilee tribute

Saturday, June 9, 2012

UK: Students at Oxford University have voted against hanging the portrait of the British Queen as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations because she was “born into privilege”. Students at Keble College, whose alumni include the Duke of Kent’s grandson Edward Windsor, disagreed with plans to spend £200 on a picture of Queen Elizabeth saying “the general feeling was that enough is already being” spent on celebrations marking the Queen’s 60th year of reign.

“Nearly 200 pounds to support someone who was born into a certain family is not really economical use of money. The Royal family do nothing but sit on their backsides and wave at people.

They have never had to work in their lives and just live off their ancestor’s money,” said one of the students.

Oxford students’ vote against the hanging of the Queen’s picture comes as the British Queen is celebrating her 60 year on the throne over the extended Jubilee weekend from June 2 to June 5 amid protests staged by anti-monarchy activists.

Furthermore, the students’ refusal to spend £200 on a portrait of the Queen comes after reports said £202 million a year was the cost of the Queen and her family’s lobbying government ministers to promote their financial interests.

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