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IT, Lanka’s key economic driver - Feroz

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Information technology is considered as the key economic driver and significant measures are being taken to develop the country’s sector.

“The IT market in Sri Lanka is growing and there is a good demand for latest technological innovations. The country’s majority of customers could be considered as early adaptors. This is a positive sign for the IT industry development,” PCH Head of Sales and Greenwich Chief Operating Officer Inthishar Feroz told Daily News Business.

“The companies are building a pool of experts and the use of IT has become the major driving force.The country is on par with the Asian region where modern technology is concern,” he said.

“The government’s focus is to develop the sector and use IT as a tool to upgrade service delivery with a view to improve living standards. This could be seen in the initiatives taken to digitize the documentation process. This digitization will be applied to the issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates where the expatiation process would benefit the public.

We have been partnering the government effort to streamline the digitization process and aim at industry specific areas while ensuring efficient and effective service delivery. As investment required for modern technology is high there is a need for more capital infusion,” he said.

The IT sectors contribution to the economic development of the country is over US $ 400 million in foreign exchange last year with a target to become a billion dollar industry within the next five years.
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