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Indian govt extends LTTE ban

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Indian government on Friday extended the ban on LTTE by Another Two Years FOLLOWING intelligence reports That remnants of the terror outfit Were Trying to re-group in Tamil Nadu. According To a notification Issued by the Union Home Ministry, Even though LTTE has been "Decimated in Sri Lanka, recent reports reveal remnant LTTE cadres that and leaders are regrouping in Tamil Nadu".

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has-been banned since 1992 from under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. Which was the outfit espousing the causes of Tamil Eelam was a separate vanquished by the Sri Lankan military in may last year. The notification said The Possibility of using ict remnant frames Especially India and Tamil Nadu as a rear base for Their re-grouping activities cannot be ruled out. It aussi said The Possibility of Their Entering in the way of Tamil Refugees cannot be ruled out aussi.

LTTE sources said sympathisers  were posing a security by Continuing Threat to spread anti-India propaganda on the Internet accusing the Indian leadership and Its officialdom of being responsible for Their defeat. They said activities of some remnant frameworks have been noticed in Tamil Nadu and a extension of ban on LTTE was required. As per the procedure, the notification will now reach a Tribunal, Which Has To ratify it. The group-led by V Prabhakaran had beens Proscribed as a terrorist organization by Several countries Including the United States. The LTTE was Involved in the assassination of prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to form in May 1991 FOLLOWING which It was banned in India in 1992 (Courtesy Times of India)
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