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Facebook hacked ... the young girl Please Remove Your image ...

Monday, June 4, 2012

NEW YORK: A total of 900 million Facebook users are experiencing some problems last night after the social networking site targeted by the hacker group Anonymous. 

Expressed frustration on Twitter, Facebook users from the United States up to the Singapore report can not access into the site about three hours from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Harassment faced the biggest social networking site that ends well-known uncertainties faced two weeks after its founder Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook shares closed at U.S. $ 29.60 (RM94.7) per share yesterday, down 22 per cent of the offered price of U.S. $ 38 (RM121.5).

Facebook admits they have problems at night: "Today, some users experienced a temporary disruption when accessing this site. It was then resolved and everyone knows how to access Facebook. We apologize for any problems that arise. 

"However, the hacker group Anonymous stressed through their Twitter account is behind the harassment and did not deny it when asked Facebook. 

Before that, in the early hours yesterday, members of the Anonymous group claimed responsibility for attacks on American Nazi Party website and Internet services resulting in right-wing groups can not be accessed. 

However, the site was operational again on Saturday night.In fact, mobile devices are no exception when some Facebook users in the IOS and Android devices reportedly also affected by the disorder.Facebook is known for not having a major disruption, while Twitter users often experience some interference when operating.In fact, some Twitter users are reminded about the Oscar-winning film, "The Social Network" which tells the Internet giant's service discovery from a dorm room at Harvard."Let me tell you the difference between Facebook and others, we have never experienced harassment," said Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Mark Zuckerberg in the feature film of Aaron Sorkin. - DM
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