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Channel-4 Journalist and It’s Director’s Wife Deported From Sri Lanka

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mrs. Shirani Sabaratnam, who works at a London-based Channel-4 television station as an editor and presenter, arrived in Sri Lanka on Sunday. On arrival he was detained at the airport by the law enforcement authorities in Sri Lanka and then sent back to Britain, citing sources of information on a daily basis Colombo Mirror reports.

According to Daily Mirror, sources who claimed Ms. Sabaratnam, a former member of the LTTE, has arrived with the British husband of Britain through Dubai on Sunday. He was arrested and deported the next is the result of which he was blacklisted. When questioned by detectives, Ms. Sabaratnam admitted he had used a different passport to travel to the North of Sri Lanka during the war and after the war ended.

The authorities believe that the husband and wife had visited Sri Lanka to make another documentary critical of Kerajaan.Cik Vaddukoddai Sabaratnam was born in Jaffna and is married to director Stuart Cosgrove Channel 4. They are reported to play a major role in the Diaspora activities against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the police find a husband Sabaratnam, Stuart Cosgrove, who was reportedly living in a luxury hotel in Colombo.

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