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British Royal family is worth more than $1 billion

Friday, June 8, 2012

The top members of the British royal family are worth more than $1 billion, with Queen Elizabeth II topping the list at $510 million, according to a recent report.

That tops soccer star David Beckham’s net worth, reported to $ 260 million.

And is more than the value of the reigning soccer champions of England, Manchester City Football Club, reportedly worth $ 443 million.

In honor of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, financial firm Wealth-X calculated the net worth of the top members of the British royal line of succession. The figure does not include the Crown Jewels or the Royal Collection of art.

Prince Charles, the monarch’s son and first in line to the throne, had the second-highest net worth of the family. His worth is estimated at $210 million, according to Wealth-X.

Prince Andrew, who is Charles’ brother and was once married to Sarah Ferguson, is worth $75 million, according to the study.

Princes William and Harry, sons of Charles and the late Princess Diana, are worth $19 million and $16 million, respectively.

According Business Insider, Mykolas D. Rambus, CEO of Wealth-X, said, “The fact that the combined wealth of the top 14 members only reached $1 billion reflects what has been suspected for some time: that new wealth is overtaking old wealth in Britain.”

In comparison, Wealth-X calculated the net worth of the British Cabinet at $108 million, with Prime Minister David Cameron worth $5.87 million; it was reported in the telegraph.
Wealth-X bases its worth figures on salaries as well as on declared shares and properties, according to the Telegraph.

Source: Yahoo
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