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4 Amazing Underground Dwellings!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Get closer to nature by living in an underground home built from Sustainable materials I've always wanted to live in an underground dwelling is because on it's the Closest I'll ever get to living like a Hobbit, and it Seems like the perfect place to go in case zombies attack. 
Here are four underground homes That get my "thumbs up" for being green and Truly Innovative:

Most importantly, underground homes are very eco-friendly and are built the Directly into the earth, Which means they take up less construction material and Produce less waste. Plus, they just look cool! 

1. Underground Home by KWK Promes

2. Swiss Hillside Home

 3. A Low Impact Woodland Home

 This earthen mold designed by KWK Promise has a grass roof that absorbs water and helps Thurs regulate temperature inside the mold. Designed by Dutch architecture firm Search and Christian Müller Architects, this beautiful underground home located in a Swiss village has rooms that wrap around an interior courtyard, and they all get flooded with natural light.
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