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Why cricketers are treated like VIPs

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" is a familiar saying. Similarly, sports and games play a vital role in maintaining good health. "Health is wealth." To be healthy, we should take serious sports and games.
Many people think that education is the only key to their progress. This is not really correct because it is only one side of our progress in life.
It is true that we can improve our knowledge by studying. But even if "Knowledge is power," by engaging in sport, we can not only maintain our body structure, but also refresh our brains to our better studies.
When we think of "sport", the first thing that comes to mind is "cricket." This is an international game that many countries are participating.

This is a game played with a bat, ball, wickets and eleven players on each team. There are three categories in this game are matches, Test matches ODI and T20 matches. This famous game is known as games of this gentleman. Players of a team taking responsibility for the scores of the team, even if it is good or bad.
Cricketers consider each moment as precious time when they play. They need to concentrate fully on the game while playing as a batsman, bowler or fielder.

Many of us consider the Sri Lankan team "VIP, did not we? This is because of their playing skills, courage, team spirit and children qualities. Many good cricketers to take their role models in life. The recognition they have in the country is evident from the roads, playgrounds and named in their honor.
The bottom is to remember that the cricketers are very important people who work hard to bring glory to our motherland.

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