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U.S. human rights report noted "dramatic changes"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The U.S. State Department released its annual report Thursday on the practices of human rights during 2011, and celebrated the "dramatic changes" that took place around the world.

But the report also noted the negative ones, especially those in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Eritrea and Sudan.

Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, also known in a public speech rights issues in places like Russia, China, Pakistan and other countries.

"The world has changed considerably during the year 2011. Across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond, citizens rose up to demand respect for human dignity, the most promising economic opportunities, greater political freedom and a say in their own future, "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote in the preface to the report.

The report highlights, beyond the Arab spring in North Africa, political reform in Burma and improvements in Colombia's human rights.

Such transformations also demanded a great cost of suffering, and the document denounced "heinous and widespread human rights violations" committed by forces loyal to the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

"In some places, like Syria, it is not only an attack on freedom of expression or freedom of association, but an assault on the very life of citizens," Clinton at a press conference.

The report looks to the future with hope, although it also acknowledged that the main task is to come.

"After decades of repression, during which the open political participation has not been authorized, it will take time to create various political parties, a robust civil society, a climate conducive to freedom of expression , and a transparent political culture, "the report said.

"Transitions are times of uncertainty. They can be chaotic, unstable and sometimes violent, "he said." Even when they succeed, they are rarely linear, quick or easy. The challenge during these transitions is to keep companies in the political debate. "

U.S. State Department has highlighted problems with democracy in Russia

The annual World Report summarizes the situation of human rights worldwide.

The authors argue that the parliamentary elections in December was not fair: the government was involved, numerous violations were made during the election process, and the opposition parties do not have the same rights.

Political persecution and maltreatment in prisons are also condemned in the document.

And finally, the U.S. State Department brought to the attention of the situation in the North Caucasus, Chechnya, particularly where last year's "government of Ramzan Kadyrov has been keeping the atmosphere of fear" .

Russian diplomats have not commented on this.

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