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Take a chill filling watermelon

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's that time of year when the mercury rises. Out in the hot sun can leave you drained and it is vital to maintain hydration of the body. Apart from the regular intake of water, doctors recommend natural fruit juices and beverages. They are fast and loose with fire extinguishers nutrients are better ventilated than soda with chemical preservatives and artificial flavorings. A. Shrikumar examines the benefits and value of the nutritional health of some of them.
Palmyra fruit (Nongu) and Pathaneer

Pathaneer nongu and are fast catching up with people of the city. Numerous booths, including those managed by the government, have emerged along the main roads. It tastes good and is light on the pocket.

Nutritional information: Kal nongus (ripe fruit) and pathaneer are rich in carbohydrates and moisture content. They offer a lot of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron, and fiber and protein in the body. The fruit contains vitamins A, B and C as ascorbic acid. It is perfect for figure-conscious, because it contains no fat.
Health benefits: The pulp is very nutritious and fibrous outer layer reduces body heat. Application of the remedies pathaneer body boils, rashes and dermatitis.

Best known as the basic salad, cucumber helps you instantly find the lost energy. It is also a great snack.
Nutritional value: Cucumber has 96 percent of water is more nutritious than plain water. Its low calorie diet actually ideal for people looking to lose weight. Vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and Vit.B9, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and iron are the main constituents.
Health benefits: Extremely useful for keeping the body hydrated and regulation of body temperature. It also helps flush out toxins, controls blood pressure is beneficial for teeth and gums, promoting healthy joints, and stimulates hair and nail growth.

Red juicy slices of watermelon are ideal snack options on a hot summer day.
Nutrition Facts: A wide range of minerals such as fluoride, iron, sodium, magnesium and potassium, the optimal sugar and dietary fiber, and also traces of vital vitamins are present. These strengthen the immune system and keep infections at bay. Watermelon is also a concentrated source of carotenoids, which prevent the formation of cancer cells.
Health benefits: Rich in antioxidants, watermelon can neutralize free radicals in the body and reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart attacks. It reduces spasms of the airways in asthma patients. Beta-carotene in watermelon sharpens sight. Apart from the regulation of salt content in the blood, it also facilitates inflammation and prevents diabetes.

Coconut offers
One of the most readily available cooling on the road, tender coconut topping the list. Although the price has increased, it continues to be the first choice on a hot day. Nutritional value: the flesh and the water of tender coconuts contain high humidity. Right amount of protein, fat, sugar, dietary fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin C are also present, outside of calories that can keep you all alive the clock.
Health Benefits: keeps the body cool, kills intestinal worms, checks urinary infections, promotes growth, malnutrition and cures are effective in treating kidney and urethral stones.

There is nothing like good old home-made "mortal" to beat the heat. Best served chilled in earthen pots with a hint of pudina, lemon, coriander and cumin seeds, buttermilk definitely lifts your spirits on a hot day.
Nutrition Facts: Filled with the most absorbable form of vitamin A, E and K, lauric acid and lecithin. It is also a vital source of selenium, has a high antioxidant content and saturated fat, protein, calcium and iodine.
Health benefits: Mainly cures thyroid and adrenal problems, fungal infections, regulates the metabolism of cholesterol, protects arteries, stimulates the muscles of the immunity and versions. It also has a strong anti-tumor and anti-cancerous properties. Is a source of quick energy that encourages the development of the brain and nerves and protects against gastrointestinal infections.

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