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Obesity - Food for though as Body Health

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Obesity or being grossly fat is bad for health. Today many people including children are suffering from this because of their eating habits and busy lifestyles.
Most mothers want their children to be fat or chubby. They think it's healthy to be fat but in reality it is nothing. According to medical research in overweight people get sick very easily.

They often suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.
This is mostly because they eat too many foods high in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Eating too much fatty food, fast food and sweets can lead to obesity. Many children do not like eating nutritious foods such as cereals, green leaves, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes obesity is not caused by diet alone, it is a genetic problem.

A family history of obesity may also make an obese person. In this rapidly changing world where people are struggling with time, there is little time for exercise. Most adults and children spend their free time glued to a TV or a computer today.
Like many travel by vehicles, they did not, even the little exercise they could get by walking. Even in the office most people engaged in sedentary jobs. Obesity is not something we should take lightly because it is bad for our health. We should try to develop healthy eating habits and do regular exercises to lead a healthy and happy life.
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