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Obama secretly approved the shipment of antitank weapons to Syria

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This week, NATO and the G-8 summit came and went without participating nations agree on a way to handle the insurgency in Syria, but is now reported that the U.S. may already be taking matters into clean hands.

Military sources spoke on Israel Debka news agency that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has signed an agreement with foreign intelligence is to equip the Syrian rebels modern anti-tank missiles. After 14 months of ongoing battles between the country's leader, Bashar al-Assad, and opposition to his regime, suddenly rebel forces are to respond with weapons would be sent with the blessing of President Obama.

Sources close to the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity say Debka a recent rash of explosions decimating the fleet of heavy Assad T-72 tanks can be attributed to third-generation anti-tank weapons, specifically 9K115-2 Metis-M and Kornet E, provided by U.S. forces. The source of firepower is spread through Arabia and intelligence agencies under the pressure of Qatar American commander sent a secret message.

Rumors of weapons being provided by America's allies comes just days after President Obama told a member at the G-8 this weekend's summit at Camp David, Maryland that "Bashar al Assad must leave power. "A few days later in Chicago, the NATO meeting in Illinois, however, these countries did not formally agree to a plan to oust the leader.

Speaking of the Windy City this weekend, NATO Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the organization had "no intention" of using military strikes to hunt Assad.

In March, President Obama told the Weekly Atlantic, "It is our estimation that day [Assad] are numbered -. It's not a question of if but when" Despite this promise, however, the Syrian leader n has continued to battle against rebels in an ongoing series of skirmishes that left thousands dead since last year.
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