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Mother held after two babies found dead

Friday, May 11, 2012

A woman was arrested on suspicion of murdering her two babies, a few days after the family moved into a £ 1.2 million home.
The boy of 10 weeks of age and its 14-month-old sister, Lily Sky Boots, were found unconscious by their father, Jeff Boots, when he returned from work, according to sources.

Police arrested their mother, Felicia, the semi-detached home in the south-west London, after emergency services were unable to revive the children at the scene.

A Forensics police officers walk through a house in Wandsworth, south London, after two babies were found dead

Detectives suspect she was choking babies while suffering from postnatal depression. Ms. Boots, who is in her 30s and is a trained hairdresser, had been busy removing fill from a penthouse apartment close in the weeks preceding death.

Both Mr. Boots, an investment banker, and his wife are supposed to have moved to the United Kingdom in recent years from Canada.

Neighbors of the couple of new three-story house, which enjoys a rear garden 45ft near Wandsworth Common, said the family seemed "very nice".

Locals have also confirmed that the couple featured in photos on Facebook showing them smiling together under one umbrella.

Jackie Cook, 52, said it was too early to have known the couple well. She said: "This is such a tragedy, I can not believe Last night there were police everywhere abound There were ambulances and police cars all along the road, I think that they moved a few weeks ago .... "

The high-end semi-detached property the family moved in was recently sold by estate agency Savills for £ 1.2 million. Message arrived at Mr. Boots as forensic officers were seen coming and going from the property, which was sealed off by a cord with two officers standing outside.

Detectives force commander child abuse leading the investigation.

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