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A mode of Transportation usefully them as Train

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The train is a mode of transport that moves on wheels on steel rails.

It has many compartments or cars that are pulled by a locomotive (engine). It is actuated by the driver of the motor and aid. They can not operate the train as they wish.

The locomotive engineer must follow the traffic signal radars. The main control room is Maradana. There is a controller and several others in the control room. The control panel works automatically, on a relay system. However, during an emergency, the controller can operate radar systems manually. Each train has two guards. The person in charge of the train is the primary caretaker and the locomotive engineer must follow the instructions of the guard.

Trains can be divided into the following categories: the long-distance trains and short (city services), freight trains, oil tanks, wagons railway, vans and buses railway . Intercity trains are pulled by a locomotive. The compartments have many facilities. There are three types of compartments such that the first class, second class and third class. The first class of velvet seats, adjustable air conditioning, water and sanitation. The second class and third class have water supply, sanitation, buffet and the fans. Passengers can easily travel a long distance without any problems. Trains for short distances only work in areas of the city. They are sets of power. At the time of school and office hours, there are many generators in operation.Goods trains can carry many items quickly from one place to another. Furniture, flowers, crops, livestock, cement, limestone and many other things are carried by real trains.Trains can not work around the country. They can only run in limited areas. Rail routes are generally far from the city limits.

We can not deliver the goods we load a train to anywhere we want. We must go to the nearest station to collect it. While we can not drive a train the way we want is a good mode of transport for people, especially in a developing country as many can move in once.
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