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Lanka’s first satellite company launched

Thursday, May 24, 2012

SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd have signed an investment agreement with the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka yesterday to the tune of U.S. $ 20 million with very ambitious plans to take Sri Lanka into the global space race.

This will be further increased to U.S. $ 320 million, the company's long-medium-term plan is to use the orbital slot Sri Lanka, which is located at 50 degrees East and launched the SupremeSAT, the first communications satellite countries ever.

The Company entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with China's state owned China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) for the design, manufacture and launch the satellite and also to ensure the marketing facilities of many other satellites owned and operated by CGWIC and China Satellite Communications Corporation.

Founded in 1980, CGWIC is the only commercial organization authorized by the Chinese government to provide satellites, commercial launch services and to achieve international cooperation in space. The company has already signed nine contracts with international customers for the manufacture and the orbiting of satellites, four of which were successfully launched into orbit, while the two others are ready to be launched next year.

Apart from that, the company has launched numerous satellites for domestic and exceeded the U.S. in the number of space to the successful launch in 2011.

As the professional company to promote international cooperation in space industry of China, CGWIC is devoted to the development of internationalized space industry of China. CGWIC has developed into a systems integrator for space products and services. It may meet customers'multi-directional needs by providing complete solutions for commercial launch services, export satellite tracking satellite ground and building control station, satellite applications, project financing The Project Assurance and technical training.

SupremeSAT satellite will be the DFH-4 also known as Dong Fang Hong, which means "Rising from the East brilliant". DFH-4 bus is the third generation of satellite communications in China with a high power, a high carrying capacity and longer life. It consists of a propulsion module, service module and solar panels.

This new company will offer SupremeSAT all types of telecommunications services such as broadband and network solutions different mailing, back-haul facilities or expansion of the range for telecom operators and other services such as E-government and e-learning.

This investment and our partnership with CGWIC demonstrating investor confidence in the "postwar" the Sri Lankan economy. "Political stability supported by the favorable investment climate helps entrepreneurs like us to reach space. I am very pleased that the company coincided with the President's vision of making Sri Lanka a" Knowledge Hub "said RM Manivannan, president of SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd.

"We are now close coordination with the Commission on telecommunications regulatory approvals necessary to launch and take this opportunity to thank the Board of Investment for the role they play very favorable," he added.

Wang Zhongmin, deputy director of CGWIC said: "It is a pleasure to be the exclusive partner of supremeSAT. We are confident that this partnership will make space ambitions a reality in Sri Lanka and we are excited to be part of all activities related to space SupremeSAT. We are sure this will help the growth of technology in Sri Lanka. "Senior representatives of CGWIC were also present at the signing of the agreement.
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