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Katrina Kaif humans too!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mention Charity Being Human Salman Khan opposite Katrina Kaif and she does not hesitate to say, "This is much bigger." But the actor is not far behind in the race philanthropy. Katrina, whose mother, Suzanne Turquotte, working with an orphanage in Madurai, is now to help raise funds to build a school. "My mother is overseeing the expansion of the initiative and school," she said.

Although his schedule has allowed the actor to visit Madurai twice, insists that Hurricane Katrina, she made her small Mumbai. "I am very involved in helping her raise funds. But in terms of time, I'm lucky that my mother is there. There is no doubt in my mind about how the money is used, "says the actor, who requested marks if they are interested in donating.

"When it comes to these causes, it is best to use your name (star power), especially for something tangible that. Donors can see" Okay, so this is the orphanage and they trying to build a school on the same parcel, "" she said, before prejudging the question. "Sure, people can say," why not just donate money yourself? 'And I helped. But you have to build a registered charity that can be sustained. It should thrive, even if you are not making money of this magnitude at a given moment of time. "

On the labor front, Katrina has a little in hand. She recently shot a song for Ek Tha Tiger (ETT) and has two months of work left on Shah Rukh Khan untitled Yash Chopra-starrer. "Then I'll join the cast of Dhoom 3 in September," she added.

Ask him if, with the release of ETT is edging toward the, anticipating rumor mills get back to work is on his mind, and she smiled. "The rumors about Salman and me? This is not serious even. I do not react to it ... You are supposed to give an answer to everything - and you're damned if you do and damned if you do do not. The idea is not to take it to heart as long as you know what you do and people who know you know what you're doing, "says the actor, who as ambassador Nakshatra, unveiled the new brand identity in the city on Monday.

Excerpts from the interview

Your ad for a hair removal cream has created some noise in Pakistan.
In fact, I was with this team (Veet) a few days ago, because we are targeting a new ad. And I asked them about it, but they were not aware of many. The brand in Pakistan is managed by a different agency. I have a friend, Ali Zafar, who lives there. I asked him if he had seen, and he said not too many people are aware of it. I have not seen the picture. Once I do, I'll be able to make better communication.
We learned that Aditya Chopra directed some scenes from the film Yash Chopra you do with Shah Rukh Khan. Is this true?
What I have not heard. Although I did hear about Karan (Johar) to say something. You guys got the better right?

Not that I know of ...
Some report that he tweeted that "I never said this, and how wrong it is." This is my friend and he called me and told me this is not true ... Obviously, I believe on a certain channel.

You would have heard if you were first on Twitter. Why are not you there?
What you say on Twitter? People want to use the platform to clarify something when something is written about them ... I do not like that. I do not think we should recognize or clarify anything. What is the definition of work as an actor? Technically, you must perform your scene, product names, and to live entertainment. Since when is it necessary to speak to you? To each his own.

There are people who come to share their day, as Amitabh Bachchan ...
Then they must be people who are very good with words. It must be said things that are interesting information or sharing. I really do not know what I would say.

You will work with Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3. Have you had the chance to watch her TV show, Satyamev Jayate?
I did not, actually. My friends went crazy about it. I know that Kabir Khan (director of Ek Tha Tiger) tweeted about it, saying something like "finally, for one hour, the idiot box is not an idiot box." Aamir is an incredibly creative, a genius in his own right.
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