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Jessica Biel is'' one of the guys.''

Monday, May 28, 2012

The actress of 30 years is a big hit with friends of her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, because it is so easy to get along with, says former singer turned actor of * NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass.

Lance said:'' [Jessica] is amazing. One of the best people I know.

'' It has always been one of the guys. It's like a best friend. It's like spending time with his best friend.''

Lance was among the guests at the feast of the commitment of the couple at the weekend and it will definitely be attending their wedding, regardless of where it occurs.

He said:'' Justin as my brother, he is not whether or not I'll do it at her wedding.

'' Every time you get to travel, it's fun!''

Justin first shot to fame as a member of the Club All-New Mickey Mouse and Lance joked that he plans to send the piece of 31 years a reminder of his childhood as a wedding gift.

He told'' The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will - perhaps one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it!''
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