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Japan runaway penguin suffering from conjunctivitis

Monday, May 28, 2012

A brave penguin was taken last week after nearly three months at large in the polluted waters of Tokyo Bay has conjunctivitis, an official said Monday the aquarium.

The Humboldt penguin, one of 135 held at Tokyo Sea Life Park, was taken captive after 82 days of freedom after an escape that made ​​headlines worldwide and sparked a worldwide following.

On Friday, the day after his adventure ended, the bird "was diagnosed by a veterinarian as having conjunctivitis, so we kept in a room separated from the rest of our penguins," said Takashi aquarium Sugino official.

Fans of the fugue than a year old - known as the only aquarium as Penguin No. 337 and no sexual characteristics because of his age - will have to wait until he has recovered from the condition, also known as pink eye, before it is revealed to the world.

"At first, his eyes seemed to be swelling a bit, but now he is recovering as we have been to give eye drops every day," said Sugino.

"I do not know the exact reason for his eye disease, but in this aquarium seawater pumped for penguins is filtered and disinfected," he added.

A government official told AFP water quality in Tokyo Bay has improved in recent years, but pollution by organic substances, sometimes with Japanese environmental standards.
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