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Japan provides over Rs 340 m for human resource development

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Japanese government granted 211 million Japanese yen (approximately Rs 340 million) for the continuation of the scholarship of Human Resources Development in 2012, where 15 employees will be provided with the opportunity to continue their mastery in Japan.

Finance ministry officials and government planning, public administration and home affairs, economic development and local and provincial councils are selected on a competitive basis for scholarships to continue their programs Master's degree in public policy, public administration, regional development and macro-economic and development economics at the International University of Japan, international Christian University and Hiroshima University.

The signing of Exchange of Notes for the scholarship program of Human Resource Development was held in the Finance and Planning Ministry, on Friday between Japanese Ambassador Nobuhito Hobo on behalf of the Japanese Government and Finance and planning Ministry Secretary Dr. PB Jayasundera on behalf of the Sri Lankan government. The signing of grant agreements took place between JICA Sri Lanka Office Chief Representative Harumi Ao and Dr. Jayasundera.
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