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Heavily Pregnant Shilpa Shetty with her husband

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mumbai: Shipla Shetty is due any time now. And the baby shower is mandatory due. But come Thursday residency Kundra will host a big babby shower for the actress.

Sister Shamita Shetty will head the business and the actress is making sure that her older sister has a gala time.

Addressing every day, some sources said, "Shamita only told her the date and asked him to come in 15:30. Shamita is organize with friends Shilpa` s close Kiran Shah Bawa and Rupali. Shilpa was asked to just come and enjoy the party. "

The guest includes close friends of Shilpa industry. Maanayata Dutt, Krishika Lulla, Raveena Tandon Thadani will all be there for the special day of Shilpa.

The theme will be pink and blue and Shamita decided to decorate the place with candles and flowers. Since this is a baby shower and not a traditional god bharai, no men are allowed to function.

An excited Shamita said, "I want it to be surprise for Shilpa. I've never been to a baby shower so we had to `do plenty of research. We will be looping the bottom one day before we don `t want to know what she Shilpa` ll do. It `s very curious! This was the day only we could get, as she `s been traveling because of the IPL and work commitments. It `sa very special day for Shilpa. I just want her to have a good time, be treated as a princess and be showered with gifts. "

With a sister like Shamita, who will do everything to plan a great event, we are sure Shilpa would feel like a queen. Right, Shilpa?
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