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Sheyla Hershey spent $100,000 for her 38MMM

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sheyla Hershey of Houston on his way home in Humble, Texas, from a Super Bowl on Sunday when he lost control of his Ford Mustang and crashed into a tree.
She was not wearing a seatbelt, but survived the accident, due to its massive 38KKK breasts, which acted as a cushion of air bag type.

The Daily Mail reports that Hershey was charged with a DUI, but appeared in court Monday and denied that she was driving drunk.

The model 32 years old, originally had a Guinness world record 38MMM with breast implants, but lost to a potentially fatal infection. However, she plans to get pumped back up 33MMM, perhaps because of the accident?

The shapely mother, who has spent $ 100,000 on her breasts, told Barcroft Media: "I think my breasts saved my life The accident was bad and my breasts are sore, but protected from the rest of me.".
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