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Osama's youngest wife deamanded sex 24 hours a day

Thursday, April 19, 2012

London: Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife ‘demanded sex 24 hours a day the Salain Al-Qaeda leader’s eldest wife has claimed. 

The youngest of Osama’s five widows, Amal, 29 had to be pulled apart from his eldest bride Khairah 61, after the pair began brawling in a Pakistan prison last month.

Accounting to The Sun, Khairiah was said to be jealous about Amal getting to sleep with Osama at the time.
Khairiah had accused Amal of sticking to Osama like a prostitute wanted ‘sex throughout the day’

Meanwhile, Amal. Kharia and Osama’s another wife Siham, 48, along with two older kids were being deported to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

According to the report, Amal, who was Osama at the age of 17, has said the she wants asylum in Britain and want to meet the Royal Family.  

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