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Stock Market Bottom of Srilanka

Monday, April 2, 2012

Nobody really knows when a bear market will end. You could say the bear market will end when market price falls PER to single digits. If so the CSE may fall further because the current market PER CSE is about 13x. However, the most important factor to change the operation of the bear is the change in investor sentiment. When people see more sell orders in the order book of a stock of all people trying to sell, but as soon as you start to see enough buy orders to vendors can change their minds.

Colombo Stock Exchange started its activities for a week fresh with the bad news of surging fuel prices. In early trading ASI crashed almost 4.5 percent, but then recovered half of the initial losses. At the end of the day on Monday ASI lost 117.01 points or 2.2 percent to close at 5199.98, the more liquid Milanka index closed 4,524.17, up 102.97 points. Total turnover of the day he was promoted to 1.46 billion rupees.

 187 stocks lost value during the trading session, while only 37 stocks closed higher. Index Carson Cumberbatch Plc heavy lost 17.50 to close at 432.50 rupees, while John Keells Holdings Plc closed Rs 3.30 lower than 160.30. Environmental Resources Investment PLC (GREG) lost three rupees to close at 20.20. Commercial Bank (COMB) lost 50 cents to close at 100.50 rupees.

Foreign investors were net buyers to net income of R 44,334,737.00.
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