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Kim Kardashian needs Someone in her Life

Friday, April 6, 2012

The reality star Kim Kardashian were exhausted from their past. Previously, when she married and then divorce. The process of divorce is still gong on but Kim does not solve any issue.

Sad that Kim is not dating anyone, all the rumors about her are fake she is focused on her work and family. He said it was stupid of her relationship with the person who has not met once.

Kim is not ready for the next couple in their life, however, due to their divorce.

Kim said that everyone has partners in life and need different things at different times. She still believes in love and thinks that one day she found her soul mat as previous experience has changed his mind not having a partner.

Kim Kardashian has decided to finally close the chapter of his married life, in addition to the boycott, from Kris.

Kim feels now that everything should not be shared with everyone. Your dreams are stopped only by the fame lost in the public eye. She has learned only share with those who may have their secrets.

Kim has said he wants to be personal and says she does not leave cameras and liaise with the media, but in the limit.

In Kim's statement is clear that the next patch until it is shown in the media because his close friend of his disappointment with the release of the song that Kanye West was shown to have feelings of Kim when she was with Kris.

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