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How to Promote Alexa Rank at your site

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some people asked, how to increase Alexa rank.So thought  to share my experience to help you you.Hope
increase your alexa rank.If you do not know about Alexa. If your site has 100,000 Alexa ranking of means that your site is the 100,000 most visited in the web.Actually this is not accurate and better alexa ranking estimation. Having means the site has become more popular and increasingly visitors.

How Alexa Ranking of work.

Alexa ranking of offer by collecting data (not like the navigation data of millions of people) in the Alexa toolbar. Another thing is to measure the traffic ranking of the country, if the site is local, Alexa Rank will of the country high and low for the world ranking.

Why we need to improve the Alexa ranking.

If you are a webmaster, you know how important starting rank.basically Alexa
The most important thing is whether or hoping to get advertisers to your website, you have to watch your Alexa ranking as most advertisers check their alexa rank.If expected to sell your website, you need to get a good Alexa ranking, if you can not go to many.

How to improve your Alexa ranking.

* Try to get quality traffic to your website.
* Install the Alexa toolbar and set your home page as the site address.
* Add the Alexa widget on your site and show your Traffic Rank
* Get the review and rating, and in place.
* Write blog about Alexa.

If you have questions about this, a comment below. Hopefully this will help to increase your Alexa ranking.
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