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Grandfather 67, getting baby who is 12 heart attacts!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A 67 year old grandfather who had a heart attack almost 12 HAD Surviving each other when to His wife said to him: ". I'm pregnant ' Malcolm Lawrence, a retired nurse, convinced I'VE Been Having a child is too old for a 31-year Ann-Marie. However, I have AGREED to take part in IVF Treatment in Health Services and yesterday, 29 years after I first Being a father, I WAS that celebrating the birth of a healthy girl, Cerys-Mei, who weighed 7 pounds. Mr Lawrence said: "It was a real shock. I still do not believe has occurred.

Mr Lawrence, who lives in Bridgend, South Wales, and turns 68 on Sunday, Ann-Marie met when he was 19. They were married 11 years ago and immediately started trying for children, but he was not able to father a baby naturally and He Is Too Young Having IVF. But I give sperm sample, which has been Kept in a Cardiff hospital for ten years.
Last year the couple began a course of IVF and Mrs. Lawrence Being pregnant the first time. "All the staff at the clinic and maternity ward Is the brilliant," says Lawrence. "They Do not mention my age, and It Does not matter. 'Now we can try to Having each other in a year. We allowed two cycles of IVF with treatment. "

Mr Lawrence, who has his back and lung problems, adding: "I have had a heart attack 12 so I've been trying to take it easy. But now I have a new lease of life with my baby."
His wife said: "I do not care about age difference and I try not to get too worried about the future. I am glad to Having a daughter. "Some people may criticize, but we were happy. Cerys and May Have all the love in the world. '

They Gavin said: "We are very pleased for them - during the month of To Have another baby in the family. ' GP Dr Stephen Lawrence Mr Madelin, who referred the couple to IVF treatment, said: "There is no reason why such a couple with an age difference not Must be able to produce a child usually so happy to make referrals II In this case. '
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