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Free online 25MB Storage in Miscrosoft "SkyDrive"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

All genealogists and computer users most of the other, so making backups of important files, family photos, and more. Ideally, there should be at least two backups of important files: one near the computer in a convenient location and a copy stored "off-site" for protection against major disasters that could destroy equipment and the home and all backups stored in the home. In fact, computer owners have dozens of backup services online to choose from, with many online services offering "special" introduction of free storage for one to five gigabytes and perhaps then modest fees of storage space even more.

Microsoft has "raised the bar" with an update to SkyDrive, which offers up to 25 gigabytes of free storage to anyone.

All files stored on SkyDrive servers are well protected by user names and passwords. However, the user always has the option to make any file or group of files visible to others if he or she wishes to. Make the files visible to others is a simpler alternative to running a website to host documents or multimedia files. It works especially well for video files that are often too large to send via email. Of course, also works well for photos, MP3 music files and all kinds of textual information, including genealogical information.

When you select a photo album, the new mosaic design displays images in a way that lets you view all your photos in their original aspect ratio. SkyDrive creates thumbnail images that reflect how they took the picture, whether a portrait, a landscape, or a shot panorama.

Microsoft has made other improvements in SkyDrive, including faster performance, easy navigation, Flash eliminated in favor of HTML5, and better integration with Internet Explorer version 9.

While this is organized by Microsoft, SkyDrive also work on Apple products.

With 25 gigabytes of free space available to you, what is your excuse for not backing up?

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